Fiberglass Insulation

HVAC Fiberglass Insulation

Fiberglass Insulation from The Duct Shop is specifically for insulation sheet metal duct and fittings. It greatly reduces heat loss in the winter and heat gain in the summer. Fiberglass Insulation will significantly reduce your utility bills and keep your space more comfortable.

Installation Tip — Fiberglass Insulation is available in 36" wide rolls or 36" wide rolls that have been cut into 4 - 9" wide rolls per bundle. The 36" wide rolls are great for insulating sheet metal duct runs and the 9" wide rolls are great for insulating fittings. Simply unroll the fiberglass and wrap around the duct in a spiral fashion making sure to overlap the ends at least 1" to make sure that all of the exposed metal is covered. For a more secure installation in your ductwork project, use Fiberglass Spray Glue adhesive to attach the fiberglass to the sheet metal.

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Item Detail Price Quantity
1.25" x 36" x 150' roll of Fiberglass Duct Wrap  $249.99
1" x 36" x 150' roll of Fiberglass Duct Wrap Pre-Cut to (4) 9" wide rolls $249.99
DP77 Spray Glue for Fiberglass Insulation 12 oz. Spray Can $9.99