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10" China Cap

Need a top-performing China Cap for your duct work system? You've come to the right place! At The Duct Shop, we offer high-quality 10" China Caps that are perfect for mounting on top of sheet metal ducts extending through your roof.

Our China Caps are manufactured using the finest quality galvanized steel, ensuring optimal protection against the elements and long-lasting durability. Plus, their easy-to-install design makes them a popular choice for both residential and commercial duct work systems.

With our 10" China Caps, you can rest assured that your duct work system will be well-protected against rain and snow infiltration, and that your airflow will remain optimal at all times.

Don't settle for second-rate products - choose The Duct Shop for all your ten inch China Cap needs and experience the unbeatable protection and performance of our top-of-the-line duct work fittings!

Details: Galvanized Steel
Price: $170.60

Free UPS Shipping for Orders over $400 - Use Coupon Code SHIP400

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