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Flexible Duct (R6.0)

Insulated Flexible Duct five foot and 25 foot lengths

Insulated Flexible duct from The Duct Shop is perfect for residential and light commercial heating and air conditioning systems. It is easy to cut to desired length and light weight for easy installation. Because it is flexible, it is easy to run around and through obstacles in the building. Flexible ducting is available in 5' lengths with metal collars on both ends. Flexible Duct is also available in 25' lengths with raw ends. This product is easy to cut to desired length and install with all of The Duct Shops sheet metal fittings.

Installation Tip — To cut flexible duct, use a steak knife from your kitchen drawer to cut through the outside jacket, fiberglass insulation and inner plastic core. Then cut the wire with a pair of wire cutters. To attach flexible duct to a sheet metal fitting, fold back outer jacket and fiberglass insulation. Insert sheet metal fitting into the inner core and fasten securely with duct tape. Fold fiberglass insulation and outer jacket back over the sheet metal fitting and secure with duct tape.

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